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6 May
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I like to make icons/wallpapers/other-icony-wallpapery-things sometimes. I'd make them more often but I suffer from a disease called 'lazyness'. Sadly this means I rarely get anything finished.

But if I ever do finish anything then here are the sources/inspirations/resources I've used. In other words the people that make everything I make possible. So major kudos to:

Screencaps - (some are my own), http://bsgmedia.org, http://www.bsg-caps.com,

Photographs/Pictures - http://galactica.emedian.net (Dark Thoughts),

PSP Resources (fonts, brushes, textures, etc) - http://www.studio911design.com, http://www.brushes.fragiledecay.com, http://biorust.com, http://itsuji.net/brushes (VOID brushes), http://www.gorjuss.co.uk, http://veredgf.fredfarm.com/textura/index.html (T e x T u r a), http://www.dafont.com, http://www.absolutetrouble.com, http://beautiful-sin.net/brushes-because.php

If I've left anyone off, or you see something of yours I've used and I haven't credited you then do feel free to rant/holler at me and I'll add you to this section. :)


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